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Setup Cold Email Outreach in 5 Minutes

From Dec 2020 i have been self employed working on own micro saas apps, there are different things i tried like directory listing, sharing link in social media and then launching on appsumo.

But all of these ways have one problem there is limit to how much you can do their are limited directory sites, you can’t just post about your app daily then nobody will follow.

So when I got to know about cold email outreach the things that attracts me is

  • scalability - there are billions of people using email your audience is there and major of it
  • low cost - sending is email is so affordable
  • its easy - i have done cold calls and a lot of them, Everytime new call is placed my heart use to beat what if customer scream at me what if he said no but with email just write it and click send can reaching potential customers can get easier than this?

In this blog we will go step by step setting up cold email outreach for your business.

I will give major example of saas because that is what i sell, but this will work with any other bussiness as well.

What is Cold Email Outreach?

Reaching out to potensial customer via email, who did not subscribed to receive the email is cold email outreach.

How to do Cold Email Outreach?

Writing cold email which getresponse require regular practice to get good results.

The First step in doing cold email outreach is leadgeneration there are many ways to do it i will cover it some other blog.

Lead generation is the process of generating leads, for cold email outreach it is emails.

Now once you have your emails add them to a google sheet if not already, Just open a new tab and type this will create a new google sheet

Now paste the leads information in it.

Now you can directly send emails via gmail but sending one by one will take lot of time so we will use an affordable email marketing tool

here is a video of how to do it

In full transparency is made by me 😎 so if you have any feedback or suggestion please contact me at