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Google Forms to Slack

So For my product I have an affiliate program, To apply for it people submit a google form now the problem is i was not receiving notification for it.

Email is full so even if i setup email notifications i might or might not get it, i have been using slack to connect with founders communities so i decided to integrate slack with google forms.

When i searched i didn’t find a simple solution. So i build - its a google forms addon just intall submit webhook url(two clicks to get this) write personalised message and you are done.

  • Step3: Open/Create new Google form, click on addons and click on slacknotify.

In the app enter the webhook url and personalised message and click on submit. That’s all now submit the google forms and you will get notification in slack.

if face any problem please send a mail at

so as you can see Sharing Google Form response in slack, as direct message or as a channel message can be done very easily with