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Getting viral on HackerNews

Day started with me consuming content from MircroConf, Ganapathy on twitter mentioned launching on hacker news and i did it honestly last post for didn’t do very well hence i was not expecting much traffic but then this happens.

hackernews launch sendsimple app analytics

this is after 8 hours and i added analytics code after 1 hours so more than this.

Most important things we did 0 sales so here you need to understand the quote

Des Traynor said:

“People buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell.”

So after about 5 hours in I removed pricing and added “Add to Google Sheet” basically install the addon for free button, Still No data yet but there is important thing to understand.

Charge once your customer have some aha! movement or at least let him/her try the product before making purchase decision

They may or may not buy today but when next time they will have need they should think about it and buy.

So far with my last product launch contacts i was able to sell two lifetime licence for

Now what’s next?

Need to add more SMTP’s we need to stay ahead of the market before people start copying what works.

Cross 1000+ downloads and 100+ reviews on workplace marketplace. This is important to start getting organic downloads

I have more plans but little suspense is fun

That’s all see you in the next post.

Sanskar Tiwari