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Blur content of chats while screen sharing

Let’s see how to blur the content of a chat while screen sharing.

When sharing a screen sharing chats (like WhatsApp, Messenger or Slack), Chat typically has personal or confidential info init and it’s embarissing when shown.

(eg. Sanskar shares his screen to show a presentation, afterwards he opens up teams to stop sharing, but teams is in chat tab and everyone in the meeting sees Sanskar private chats)

Presenting Blurweb App: A browser extension to blur the content of a screen while screen share or recording a video.

I spend a few hours to decide to share whatsapp, messenger or how to remove the things i don’t want to share, I couldn’t do it.

Hence I finally went with using slack as an example but it will work the same for whatsapp, messenger and others. if face any problem send me a mail

As you can see how easy it is to use Blurweb App to blur the content of a screen while screen sharing or recording a video. So make sure to grab a license and i will see you in the next blog post.